Thank you Doug for your dedication and hard work and long hours invested with your pack.
Stunning colors! I am partial to the 🖤💛— funny how it all works out. I was dead set on a red female for my first Dobie. It wasn’t in the cards and I was blessed with a Black male. Rocco is my best buddy snuggled up beside me now. Then I added another Dobie and the timing gifted me with a fawn male. Arlo is amazing too. Just sharing that no matter what Farquhar pup you are blessed it will be the most amazing dog- smart healthy loyal and loving. You can’t get any better than that 🥰
Thank you Doug for your dedication and hard work and long hours invested with your pack. You’re the best!

January, 6 2024
Doug is your guy!
We adopted two of our Dobies from Doug and are so grateful for the love and care that he puts into every pup that he raises. If you are looking to add a new pup to your family, look no further. Doug is your guy! Communication is great and Doug does an amazing job of keeping his Dobie family updated on the pup’s progress, etc. before they go to their new families. These dogs have the best temperaments and are so loved. I can’t imagine ever having a different breed of pup in our family. Seriously, look no further. You NEED a Farquhar Dobie in your family.
Lisa C, December, 31 2023
Look no further- this is the breeder, pup, and experience you are seeking!
I am privileged to own 2 Farquhar Dobermans; Rocco (Zeus/Zeva) 3.5 year old black and rust male and Arlo (Axel/Sapphire) 8 month fawn male. No matter where I go, folks want to know what breeder they came from as their confirmation is stunning: athletic, sweet, and social. We have 7 grandchildren (ages 2-14 years) Rocco and Arlo, are excited when the ‘kids’ come to visit and behave well. I live in SW Missouri and have visited Doug at his kennel many times. Watching Doug interact with his pack confirms he sincerely loves and cares for every pup. He ensures the pups go to a good forever home, welcoming each as family. He invests the time and attention to their health and socialization from day 1. Since May 2020 I have been a member of the Farquhar Pup FB community and my experience has been nothing short of ideal. Doug’s knowledge and experience shine through in his support within this community.
Heather G, December, 31 2023
I have 3 Farquhar babies.
Doug Farquhar loved them, protected them and taught them everyday until it was time for them to come home with me. Doug remembers which babies I have and asks how they are doing by name! When I got my babies I also gained a whole new Doberman Family and we all share questions, comments, and of course photos of the growing pups. Nothing but amazing experiences from day one. My babies are health, happy, so smart and I must say the cutest I have ever seen! 🙂
Amy C, November 7, 2022
Doug was great!
We had been searching for a Doberman for awhile. I came across Doug’s page and knew we found a breeder that was truly caring and had a wealth of knowledge about this breed! From the first call to my husband driving to get our sweet Luna- Doug was great! Our vet has given great praise on the quality of the pup we have! We enjoy seeing and sharing our pup with Doug’s followers and fellow dog owners on his Facebook page. We are so happy to have Luna as part of our family!
Kema D, November, 5 2022
My veterinarian recommend Doug to me.
Doug is a fabulous peepaw to all of his babies. I was a single mom of 4 and Doug knew exactly which pup was for me . My Dobie is a member of our family totally, he`s my best friend and adores all of my children and now grand children . If a Doberman is in your future Doug Farquhar is the only breeder you need ! I can`t say enough good about him and his pack he is always available for our Dobie family . He has the answers you need and our puppy page is a huge support system .I hope you join our family ❤❤
Annemarie W, November, 5 2022
Thank you Doug for trusting us with two of your babies and letting us join the family
We met Doug almost two years ago after an extensive internet search for Doberman puppies. After a few fake sites we found Farquhar puppies and couldn`t have been more blessed with any other breeder. We drove 10 hours to pick up our new pup Dallas. Doug met with us and showed us around the kennels and met the whole Dobie crew. He helped with questions and concerns in a very timely manner. Five months later we made the long drive again to get our second Dobie Bruno. It is comforting knowing any questions, concerns and bragging, lots of bragging is addressed on the Farquhar puppies page. It`s fun to see all our babies grow up together and the pictures, all the pictures. Thank you Doug for trusting us with two of your babies and letting us join the family 🐾🐾
Ross F, November 4, 2022
We have 2 of Doug's dobes.
I have 10 yr old female, Molly and my 3 yr old male, Captain. Molly is actually Captains aunty. They are both amazingly sweet, gentle, smart and tolerant and loving towards my 2 little girls. They were both easy to train and have been amazing family companions. The bond between my girls and these dogs is simply incredible and deep as these dobes just love them unconditionally. Doug is a great breeder. I have enjoyed over the years watching all the litters go to their new homes and love the sense of community amongst all of us with one of Dougs puppies. Doug has always been available when we have questions, issues or need some advice. These dogs are very much loved by him well after they go to their forever home. We have even made some friends along the way who have also have bought a pup from him.
Michelle H, November 3, 2022
The best Doug is a fantastic breeder.
He takes the time and effort to ensure a proper bloodline along with genetic testing, for a very reasonable price. The dog I received from him has the best temperament and a very sweet dog. As an added bonus Doug provides a community for his dog family via Facebook. This community is great for first time dog owners, first time Doberman parents and everyone else. I will definitely purchase another puppy from Doug when the time comes
Rachel G, December 28, 2021
The best and most caring breeder I’ve found
Doug is great we have bought a black male Asher from him he will be 2 in April and we just bought a blue female puppy Ella Rose from him we pick her up Jan. 16
Doug’s support is second to none he is always there to help if you need it He has a great pack of Dobie we have met them when we picked Asher up There is no drought your puppy will be spoiled when you get them he starts doing that the day they are born Doug has been more than helpful with us when we had some trouble with posting Asher’s ears Ha CARES for our babies they are family as you will be if you buy from him You will not be disappointed in any way if you get a babie from him.

Dave & Shari H, December 28, 2021
We have 2 of Doug's dobes.
Doug is the BEST We have 2 Dobergirls from Doug and they are such wonderful girls! Doug is very knowledgeable and great to work with. We would highly recommend Doug. Our girls are so loving and affectionate. We plan on a 3rd from him someday.
Kimberly, January 15, 2021

My son bought a puppy from Doug 2 months ago and now I’m getting one Feb 12, these pups are all very socialized and we got to meet and play with the
randparents. Doug is very knowledgeable and about this breed and genuinely loves all his dogs. Doug sends videos and pictures of the pups from when they’re born until when they leave for their forever home. I would recommend him to anyone wanting a good quality, very social Doberman. He’s always available for any questions or concerns and we love the Farquar Puppy site for staying in touch with all the Farquar puppy people! We feel so priveledged to be able to have 2 of his puppies. As Doug says “They were his babies first” and he makes sure we’re getting a smart, social, loving Doberman Pinscher.

Shown Left: Fionn at 15 weeks old, what a gorgeous puppy!!!
Debora, January 16, 2021

Doug is the BEST
We have 2 Dobergirls from Doug and they are such wonderful girls! Doug is very knowledgeable and great to work with. We would highly recommend Doug. Our girls are so loving and affectionate. We plan on a 3rd from him someday.
Kimberly, January 16, 2021
We found this breeder through a contact on Facebook. From the beginning of our communication with Doug, you can tell this is a breeder that truly cares about each of his ‘babies’. Excellent communication through the entire process. He kept us updated on pictures, videos and information. Even after we brought our new baby home, he was available for any questions we failed to ask prior to getting him. Our baby is perfect, which I credit to the breeder. Our puppy has the best personality and I believe this is due to Doug holding/playing/cuddling with the puppies. Could not say enough wonderful things! Highly recommend and would buy from him again.
Gretchen, January 16, 2021
Best experience with a puppy and pack family
Getting our newest family member from Doug has been an amazing experience! Our new puppy Doc has hands down been one of our best additions to our family. We fell in love with dobermans years ago, but adding doc to our family this year has been the piece we didn’t know we were missing. Doug has been an excellent resource and a valuable asset during these puppy months. He’s become our new pack family . I have referred many family members and will do business again in the future. We love our Farquhar Doberman.
Ashley, October 22, 2019
Reliable/Responsible Breeder
We bought our Stella from Doug. After dealing with another, very unreliable breeder, we gratefully found him. He did a great job sending us updates on our pup as we had to wait until school was out to pick her up. Doug provides a Farquhar Puppy page on FB in order to connect with/watch other Dobie family members grow up! Do not hesitate to do business with Doug. His pups are well loved, cared for and one of the smartest dogs I’ve ever owned. Stella is a loved family member!
Lisa, October 19, 2019
Big Blue Male
Doug is one of the most caring breeders out there…his kiddos are well taken care of and live a good life! I truly believe these are some of the highest quality pups out there! His dogs have such a good tempement and personality. After purchasing a dog from him there is a puppy page that allows you to connect with your pups siblings and all the other Farquhar dobies. When you purchase a pup from Doug it’s like you’re being welcomed into his family! He is always available for questions and truely wants the best lives for his pups. In 2017 I got a blue male from him and he is one of the best dogs I’ve ever owned!
Katarena, October 25, 2018
Excellent breeder and high quality babies
“Doug is awesome! We bought our first Dobie from him in 2017. Once you buy from him you are his extended family! He is always there to answer questions and offer advice! I highly recommend him!”
Kimberly, October 24, 2018
Dobie Sister from this Mister
“Two puppies, each a year apart from the same parents, have blessed our home. The puppies were well tempered, found without illnesses, and have been easily trained to care for their home and work well. The breeder, Doug, has gone to length to ensure his puppies and the new owners are well paired. Additionally, he’s available for suggestions and comments concerning the new bond of puppy parents.” Marco, October 24, 2018
Farquhar Dobermans
“We have two Farquhar Dobies in our family . Doug Farquhar isn’t just a breeder he loves his animals. He is excellent at what he does and stays connected to all those who adopt his babies into their family . He is a great support who is always there to answer questions and be of assistance. I will always have a Dobie in my life and I hope it will always be a Farquhar Doberman!”
Diane, October 24, 2018
Wonderful Sell and Dogs
Doug has the sweetest dobbies , he only has top grade Doberman and treats each of them like spoiled big babies that they are once you get a Donnie from him you are family and life time support. I got lemon a beautiful black and tan female from him she was so great my extended family had add some more dobs to their family. Highly recommend to family and friends if wanting to add the perfect Doberman family member to it family !” Tesa, October 24 2018
Wonderful Dobermans!
“We were very impressed with Doug’s knowledge of the breed, and in July, he shipped to us (Seattle) a wonderful male, fawn, puppy. He is now almost 9 months old and he has exceeded our expectations: perfect health, great temperament, and we just adore him! …Flynn received a National Junior Championship title (including a second place in puppy group) at the International Dog Show, he had positive reviews in all areas of conformation judged…. Thank you Doug for breeding such all-round wonderful Dobermans!” Randy. M., January 8, 2018
Farquhar Puppies
“A year ago today I took a trip to pick up my beautiful blue Doberman, Dovahkiin. She is perfect. She has a beautiful coat, super smart, and came potty trained. Doug is a pretty great guy. I plan on purchasing from him again in the future. ” Lindsey, July 24, 2017

Glad I joined the Farquhar dobie family!
“From start to end Doug was always willing to answer any question i had and i had many! he truly raises such sweet pups i cant even begin to tell you how many complements i get on my pups looks. Everyone says he looks like a show dog and he is the sweetest. if you are looking for quality good tempered healthy pups look no further!” GARY, April 26, 2017

Wonderful Breeder
“We have raised Dobermans for 15 years. We have had Top Show quality dogs as well as back yard breeder type dogs. We were blessed to find Farquhar Dobermans after looking for a new Doberman for over a year. Thanks Doug for my Childs new best friend! Doug’s Dobermans are gorgeous, healthy, & very smart. We could not be more impressed with his care, knowledge & breeding standards. His Dogs are well cared for in a beautiful home & have lots of outdoor space to roam. He spoils these dogs rotten. He is always there for ?’s. We have never stayed in contact w/ breeders except for Doug. He keeps his Dog Family close to his heart. We all belong to a FB group were we tell stories of our pups & post pic’s & updates. WE HAVE A NEW LIL DOBERMAN FAMILY, ALL THANKS TO DOUG FARQUHAR! Highly recommend him & his pups. You will not be disappointed. We want another Doberman & it will only come from Doug Farquhar.”
Sarah, April 22, 2017

Exceeded our expectations!
“We knew we wanted to add a doberman to our family but had no idea where to begin. We were given Doug’s name by a friend of ours, who highly recommended him, so we decided to get in contact. In just a few short messages with Doug all of our questions and concerns were answered, we were blown away by his infinite knowledge about the breed. Doug has been with dobies for over 30 years so he knows exactly what he is offering. Before we knew it we were counting down the days to meet our baby Stella, she has made our lives complete. These babies come pre-cuddled and our super affectionate and loving. We could not be any happen with her. We will never go anywhere else.”
Casey, April 22, 2017

Veteran Approved, PTSD service dogs
“I have one 5year old Red Dobe from Doug. I’ve had him from 8weeks old and hands down he’s the best dog I’ve ever owned. I’m a 2 time Iraq Army Veteran 05-06 & 08-09. My dobe is a certified PTSD service dog and I would highly recommend one of Doug’s dogs for this type of work. The intelligence and temperament of these dogs is one of the best I’ve ever seen. Everywhere I go, I hear what a majestic or regal animal I have. I couldn’t imagine getting another dog from any other breeder, hence why I will be adding a second addition to my home from Doug. Doug treats the adopting parents like family, and takes great care and pride in all of his dogs.”
Derrick, April 20, 2017

Best breeder/pups
“We first met Doug a year ago when our youngest male came into our lives. He was great and his experience is priceless. Tragedy stuck and even thou it was not a pup from doug he was there for us and that’s when our oldest male came to us. He was rescued back by doug from a previous buyer that could no longer care for him at 1 1/2 years old. inly really good breeders will take a pup back. Shows how much he loves all his babies. Love doug and his pups so much we are adding a 3rd to our own lil crazy dobie house.”
Cassandra, April 16, 2017

Farquhar pups are absolutely the best!
“We received our baby girl fawn dobie from Doug last July. She has been the perfect addition to our family. She has the best temperament, is so loveable, playful and smart. She is just beautiful, we receive complement all the time. Not only is she an amazing dog, but once you purchase from Doug, you become part of a special group that provides support, advise, and a place to share. Doug will be there for the life of your dog for any questions you have. He is so much more than a breeder!”
Michelle, April 16, 2017

100% Satisfied Owner of Farquhar Doberman
“Doug has a great set up and seeing how he interacts with all his dogs, it is obvious these animals are handled, loved and even baby-talked from birth. Doug is very knowledgeable about the breed, proper diet, nutrition, healthcare for ears if cropped, and any training questions . When you contact him, he will answer all your questions, but at the same time he is interviewing you to see if you are the proper fit for one of his babies. Not everyone is cut out to be a Dobie owner, but if you are one of the lucky ones who makes the cut, Doug’s dogs are amazing. Our Diesel has brought us so much enjoyment and fun, we are definitely considering another. Diesel is smart, athletic, loyal, social, and tuned in to his human family. You will be very pleased with your Farquhar puppy, if you pass the screening.”
Dawn, April 16, 2017

Very good breeder just like family
“We bought a fawn male from Doug September of 2015 we live in Tennessee and drove there. I don’t regret it. The long drive was well worth it. He is very loving and has a great personality. I get compliments all the time on how beautiful he is. Doug is always a text away if you have a question about anything.”
Tammy, June 1, 2016

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