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Best Puppies
“Dougs dobermans are the nicest I’ve ever seen. I’ve had 4 dobermans from other breeders before getting a puppy from Doug and his are by far the nicest looking and best temperment. I got a red female (Rexy) from Doug Last year 2014. She’s so sweet, loving, intelligent and a very alert watch dog. With so much personality, they quickly become a great family member. I can’t say enough about these puppies.”
Midge, December 3, 2015

AMAZING breeder with even more amazing puppies!<br />
“I cannot gush enough about the Farquhar family and their Dobermans. Not only is our ‘little’ guy always the talk of the dog park because he is so beautiful but he is also one of the smartest dogs I’ve ever been around. Doug treats these puppies like family before you pick them up and it shows! Best dogs and breeder ever! Whatever one you clicked on I suggest you buy it now!”
Marsha, December 4, 2014

Farquhar puppies are the best<br />
“We received our Remy girl in June 2013 and found Doug through puppy find.com. Doug was incredibly knowledgable and was more than happy to answer any questions we had before and even after we got her. Farquhar dobermans aren’t just dogs they are family and that shows clearly in their sweet temperament and personalities. Remy is fun energetic very loyal and a wonderful watch dog with having no training as a guard dog. When the door bell rings she runs sits in front of the door and barks once she is very intelligent. Many of us joined Doug’s Facebook puppy page where we can all stay in contact and see how each of our babies change and grow. I would never ever consider purchasing a doberman from any other breeder other than Doug. If you are fortunate enough to own one of his babies consider yourself lucky. Sheri Lopez owner of 18 month old female named Remy.”
Sheri, November 12, 2014

Wonderful experience with this breeder
“We had a wonderful experience that has Continued to this day. Our girl Roxy is now One years old. I met Doug (breeder) through Puppyfinder.com . Our puppy was only a few Days old at the time. Doug was great. He is Very knowledgable about the breed and was Very helpful. Sometimes I would call him in The days leading to her arrival. I was so Excited and just wanted to talk about Dobermans. Doug was always friendly and Helpful. Roxy has grown into the most Beautiful Smart dog I’ve ever had. All his puppy family Stay in touch on our Facebook puppy page. It has been fun watching all the puppies grow.”
Kellie, November 10, 2014

Excellent dobermans
“i got my perry girl from Doug about 18 months ago and couldn’t be happier. She has a wonderful personality and is the smartest dog I’ve ever seen. Doug cares about all his dogs, and that shows.”
Amber, November 10, 2014

We LOVE our Farquhar Doberman Pinschers!!!
“We own 2 Dobies from Doug & Penny, and both are the most wonderful dogs we’ve ever known! Tesla is a 2 1/2 year old blue with a beautiful expressive face and lean athletic build. Joule is a 6 month old red with a stockier build and sweet face. Both are intelligent, easily trained, beautiful examples of exactly what a Doberman should look like! More importantly, both are incredibly sweet and loving. I’ve often said that when you get a Farquhar Doberman they come “pre-spoiled!” The pups are in a loving, family home getting cuddled, hugged & socialized from the second they are born. They don’t realize that they are “just dogs.” They come to their forever homes knowing that they are meant to be “family.” Having a dog from Doug & Penny also means that you become part of Farquhars’ Puppy People, an extended family stretching across the country. The Facebook group is wonderful, the constant availability of Doug & Penny to answer questions and give advice is priceless. Simply THE BEST breeder!”
Manda, November 10, 2014

Best breeder around!!!!
“We got Django from the Farquhars in January of 2013 and couldn’t be any more pleased with him, he is very loving and gentle. He thinks that he is a lap dog. lol We couldn’t have asked for better people to have become a puppy family with. They treat their dobies like family as it should be. The fact that Doug aka (Pee Paw) makes it a point to stay in contact with us all to make sure his grand puppies are doing well should show how much he cares. Take a look at his Facebook page and you will see just how fine his bloodline is. We are lucky to have a Farquhar Doberman. Best breeder around and that’s a fact.”
Bobbie, November 10, 2014

Only a farquhar dobie...<br />
“This experience was absolutely amazing! Doug and penny walk you through each step of the process of acquiring your new family member and they don’t hesitate to answer any questions you may have.they are always available for advice and update their Doberman family Facebook page daily! We love to see the littermates grow and mature. We get compliments on our dobie every single time we have him in public. He has the best temperament and is the most trainable dog we have ever owned! He participates in therapy work at our local nursing home and makes a great companion for my niece and nephew. I highly recommend using the Farquhar’s for your furry family member! I admire the way they treat their dogs, from day one these puppies are loved and raised in a family oriented atmosphere, and the mother’s of these pups are not overbred and do not live their lives in kennels…it makes a huge difference in quality of offspring honestly!”
Courtney, November 10, 2014

Farquhar's Doberman Puppies<br />
“We bought our doberman from Doug one year ago. Doug was over and beyond knowledgeable about his dobermans. Doug is one of the most caring and thoughtful breeders you will find. One year later, we still stay in touch almost daily. The doberman we got from Doug is hands down one of the sweetest, smart and loving animals we have seen.”
Tiffany, November 8, 2014

Farquhar Dobes rule!
“I bought a Dobe from Doug this year. I met Doug through a mutual friend. He took the time to get to know me as a person and a dog owner. It made me feel very comfortable knowing how he takes Care of his dogs and puppies. I would not go anywhere else after dealing with Doug and Penny. There Dobes are part of their family and they are treated as such. I am so happy with our puppy. He was headof his puppy and intermediate class. He was recommended for agility, but I just want him to be a family member and enjoy life. Thanks Chris Ruzic.”
Chris, November 8, 2014

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