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Wonderful pups!
“Doug is a great breeder and truly loves his pups. I live not far from Doug and was able to visit my pup right after he was born up until the time he was ready to take home. Doug was always very welcoming and open with any questions I had about the breed. Not only is Doug super helpful but he also raises amazing pups. I can’t go anywhere without getting compliments on my dog. I go to a vet who specializes in Dobermans and she has complimented him on numerous occasions. I always have strangers coming up to tell me what a beautiful dog I have and compliment his sweet temperament. He is a great looking dog and has a wonderful temperament. I feel lucky to have found a Farquhar pup. Doug is also really good about continuing to offer advice and answer any questions after you take your pup home.”
Hannah, June 1, 2016

We will only buy from Doug
“I have had two beautiful Dobermans from Doug. Both of our dogs have been so kind hearted and loving. They are great with child and other dogs. After we lost our first dog Bruno we told Doug we had to have another one of his dogs. Doug made sure we had the perfect dog for our family. We have always been happy with buying from Doug. Once you own a dog from Doug you become a family member. It doesn’t matter what question you have Doug or somebody in the puppy family will have the answer. Best of all Doug cares about each one of his puppies and makes sue they are all in the best homes.”
Kristen, May 31, 2016

Doug will treat you like family!
“I bought my pup from Doug in the Fall of ’15. Since then he has always had great advice and genuine concern for our baby. He was my first experience in buying a puppy but I hear horror stories and I’m sooooo glad I found him first. I recommend him to anyone in search of quality Doberman at a fair price.”
Darrien, May 30, 2016

Perfect Pup!
“My husband and I got our black and rust boy from the Farquhar Family to be a companion to our 3 year old doberman (from a different breeder). If we ever get another doberman, it will be through Doug Farquhar! Our pup is very intelligent and beautiful! He has the sweetest personality, but is very protective over his family already!! We did not just pick a breeder for our puppy, we picked a lifelong mentor and became part of a huge family! A group of people who own Farquhar dobermans all keep in touch and get to see each other’s dobermans as well as ask questions and help answer any questions that may come up! No doubt in my mind, Doug is the best breeder!”
Hallah, May 27, 2016

So grateful in St. Louis
“A big warm thank you to the Farquhar Family for the wonderful black and rust Dobe we purchased from you. She is perfect and healthy in every way and we could not love her more. I truly believe that her quality genes, along with the loving manner in which you cared for her and her parents, made all the difference in the world. From her sweet disposition to her beautiful build and coat she is the perfect addition to our family. This was our first Doberman Pinscher and I cannot imagine having any other breed. Forever thankful in St. Louis!”
Pam, December 5, 2015

I know dobies-my Farquhar pup is the best
“I received my Female Red Doberman for my birthday in January 2015 (she’s my engagement ring). This is the 5th doberman I’ve had in my lifetime, so I know the breed. My puppy just turned a year old. She’s by far the most beautiful & intelligent dobie I’ve ever encountered. My trainer suggested training her for airport work. That’s how intelligent she is. Her personality is everything. From the moment I received her, till now- when I have questions, I can contact the Doug Farquhar and inquire. There’s a group of us who stay in touch- we all own Farquhar dobermans. Seems like we’re all enamored with the pups- some have 2 or 3 Farquhar dobies. Doug makes sure that all his pups go to good homes. I even know of cases where he assists in re-homing pups when people can’t keep their pup for unforeseen reasons. I recommend Farquhar Dobermans to everyone who asks where I got my diva.”
Angie, December 4, 2015

My new puppy
“Absolutely love my puppy from Doug it’s been 3 months now since I’ve had him temperament and affection of these dogs are amazing my next dogs will all come from you couldn’t ask for a better companion.”
Joshua, December 3, 2015

Joined a family
“Doug and his family LOVE dobermans and are committed to breeding and raising only the best. When you adopt one of his babies you become part of a new family. Doug provides ongoing support and is a valuable resource. Dobermans are sociable and smart and need owners who are willing to put in the time and energy to care for them. Doug does a great job of making sure each puppy goes to a great home. My family has adopted two of Doug’s pups and we will never adopt from anyone else. Our second baby was premature and would not have made it if Doug hadn’t bottle fed her and spent endless hours caring for her. Thank you, Doug (and family), for our queen bee and princess. We love them and are happy to be part of your family!”
Melanie, December 3, 2015

Best Doberman patriarch EVER
“Doug Farquhar is not just a “breeder”. He is a man that loves each and every one of these dogs which are really family members more than dogs. If you find yourself lucky enough to join the Farquhar family, you truly enter into a family of AMAZING animals ….. Both people and dogs. Our introduction to Doug and his dobermans have opened a truly wonderful and fulfilling part of our life we didn’t even realize was missing. At the time of this writing, we have two of the Farquhar puppies – one male blue and one female fawn. I cannot walk either one without getting multiple compliments on their beauty. One final note — these dogs are extremely smart. Just one more positive!!! 💗🐺”
LJ, December 3, 2015

Dobie Zeke, was my families best decision
“I knew a large, active and loyal dog would be a great addition to my very active family. So we knew a Doberman would be a great match, but I also know breading is an enormous factor in their temperament. After talking with several breaders Doug Farquar stood out. He was the most knowledgeable person and made me comfortable enough to ask anything. He spent 2 hr easing my concerns and educating me more on this bread (more than any website or book) And our new pet has been the best. He keeps kids excited about teaching tricks. It is the kid’s imagination that set the limits, NOT ZEKE’s intelligence, interest, willingness to please or protect his family. Doug Farquar has been the best teacher of how to get best of everything from my kids first love-Zeke.”
Shari, December 3, 2015

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