Our Dogs

Our Boys


Farquhar’s Majestic Golden Zeus
AKC DNA #V745777 (WZ01391601)

In my 33 years with Doberman’s he is the biggest, most perfect conformation and the sweetest personality I’ve ever had, especially for a stud…at 110#’s when he wants to give you luvins…your getting luvins…








Let It Rip White Doberman Pinschers Axel (WS67118603)


A gorgeous blue, and our newest addition!  











Anthony or Tony
Tony Bull Stacy AKC DNA #V823889 WDPC (WZ01656203)


Now retired and living his best life in Colorado.




Pictured here, Tony is only 13 months old almost 85lbs.  









Our Girls


Farquhar’s Royal Cosmic Aurora

She has a lot of her momma Phoenix in her, especially those eyes!!! She also has that sweet personality of her daddy Zeus.







Farquhar’s Lady Blue Sapphire WZ01923303

Sapphire is a beautiful blue girl from proud parents Ziva and Zeus. 




Farquhar’s Lady’s Royal Spirit Warrior Libby WZ02011710

Libby expecting a litter.









Farquhar’s Fiery Angel Princess Roo WZ02254101

Our beautiful black & rust girl from proud parents Tony and Seraphina.   Another “A” test score, for genetic testing from AKC.  Just like the rest of our pack. 








Farquhar’s Blue Lady Spirit Warrior Athena WZ02028401

Athena is another beautiful blue girl from proud parents Ziva and Zeus.  She will be 3 years old in June 2022









Zevia Stacy (WZ01447103)


Beautiful mom and babies. 










Farquhar’s Fiery Angel Seraphina WDPC (WZ01533101)

Such a beautiful sweet baby girl.